Our History

Welcome to Austin, Texas the best place in the great state of Texas to live. We would like to share with you not what Austin is but “who” is Austin. When you visit Austin you will experience the blending of numerous economies and cultures. There is a saying “I wasn’t born in Austin, but I got here as soon as I could”. That is never more evident than the fact that most of the people who have the privilege of attending one of our many fine higher education institutions, never leave Austin. That equates to a community that is young, well educated, creative, progressive, and full of energy.

The community that is Austin, Texas expresses itself “loud and proud” and probably none more obvious when football season is in full bloom. From every level of competition our city and its surrounding neighborhoods are vibrant and full of activity, especially on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. Some of the best players in the country have called Austin, Texas home. Drew Brees, Michael Griffin, Jordan Shipley and our beloved Colt McCoy.

If you love golf, then you just have to come. We have so many great courses that you feel like you are in heaven. Our public courses will put some private layouts to shame in other cities when it comes to condition, playability and affordability. We are truly blessed to have the legacy of Harvey Penick, home town heroes Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, and many other top amateurs and professionals that call Austin, Texas home.

Unique to Austin, Texas, is our business connections with Silicon Valley in Northern California. It is in fact what brought our family here back in 1992 with Apple, Inc. There is such a connection with high technology that Austin, Texas was nicknamed “Silicon Hills”. So much so was the connection that the first direct flight from Austin to San Jose’, California was called the “Nerd Bird”. You can be on either coast via a direct flight in 3 ½ hours or less. Austin Bergstrom International Airport was built in 1999. Well designed to create an experience for first time visitors, comfortable and efficient for experienced travelers from all over the world…and of course it features Live Music.

Our Story

Austin, Texas is a vibrant and progressive city that has not yet reached its full potential, but we are no longer just a “college town” or the “State Capital,” either. Austin, Texas is an international destination whose population has grown to over 2,000,000 people. We are the 15th largest city in the United States. We are just behind Seattle and just ahead of Atlanta in size isn’t that a bit surprising? Yet our crime rate is one of the lowest in the country and that is not surprising. With all that said about size, growth, and progressive attitude, we have not lost our “community spirit and intimacy” that is pure Austin…It is in the people who live here.

There was ad run a few years ago that said “Texas, a whole other country”. We are proud of our state and especially of our city, Austin, Texas. You could say “Austin, Texas a whole other city”. It is a special place for those of us who have had the privilege of calling Austin, Texas home. We are considered the “Live Music Capital of the World”, that claim in itself says something about the people who live here. Music events such as South by Southwest (SxSW) and Austin City Limits have brought talent and entertainment from all over the world to experience our great city. We enjoy our music, our theater, our art, our sports and we enjoy our people. Austin, Texas has just about everything you could want including “affordable housing”, which is just one more reason why you need to be here!

Welcome to Austin, Texas!

“Dodge Team = Dream Team. Jessie and Ralph are fabulous, by far the best Realtors we’ve worked with. They have extensive knowledge of the market and all aspects of the business. Their approach is unique, comprehensive, and highly effective. They are insightful partners, strong advocates, unbiased advisors (even therapists at times), and truly a pleasure to work with.”

Tom and Sherri Herzig