20 Questions to ask your Realtor

If you are interviewing other Realtors® ask them these important 20 questions. You should assume the agent is full-time, and is a member in good standing of The National Association of Realtors.

1. How long have you been selling real estate? Dodge Team Properties has been selling in Travis and Hays County since 2002.

2. How many homes do you sell a year? Dodge Team Properties averages 45 annually vs. 2 by the average agent.

3. How many homes have you sold in your career? Dodge Team Properties has represented over 400 families since 2002.

4. What is your average time on the market versus the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? Dodge Team properties sell on average 45 days faster!

5. What is your average list to sell ratio, and how does that compare to the rest of the MLS? Dodge Team properties bring on average 1.5% higher sales price to list price. That is $3000 more money in your pocket on a$200,000.00 sale! This means less showing headaches for you!

6. Where do you rank in your office? Top Lister? Top Seller? For how many years?
Dodge Team Properties has consistently been in the top ten out of 500 agents in our office for the last few years.

7. Where do you rank in your company, franchise…locally, internationally? How many years?
Dodge Team Properties ranks in the top 5% Nationally out of 72,000 real estate agents.

8. Where does your individual office rank in the MLS? For how many years? Our office has ranked #1 for the past several years!

9. How strong is your name recognition in the market place? Dodge Team Properties receives numerous calls from name recognition alone!

10. What percentage of your accepted contracts close? What percentage fall apart? Having a team of professionals
keeps you informed throughout the process and provides a much higher percentage of closings meaning less inconvenience to you.

11. What is your marketing plan? Dodge Team Properties custom designs a website specifically for each listing. This site is also attached to a nation-wide network and local neighborhood websites for maximum exposure.
*Where and how often will you advertise our home? Dodge Team Properties will advertise
in as many places and as often as necessary according to the market.
*Would you provide us with professional four-color brochures of our home?
Dodge Team Properties provides inside & outside brochures if we determine it is necessary.
*Will you provide Internet advertising? Yes! We take multiple photos & provide Virtual Tour if necessary!

12. What lead generation system(s) do you have to develop an inventory of buyers for your listings? Where are they?
Who manages them? Dodge Team Properties offers a cross reference computer system to match literally hundredsof buyers with your property! We currently have 100’s of prospective buyers registered to view our websitelistings! They could be searching for YOUR home!

13. How many qualified buyers are you currently working with? Is there a follow up system?
Dodge Team Properties maintains 20+ buyers on average with their marketing plan giving you a better opportunity for multiple offers.

14. How many full-time assistants do you have? Do you have a listing coordinator, a closing coordinator, a team
coordinator? Dodge Team Properties provides a staff of highly trained assistants to monitor your property!
15. Do you have enough buyer leads to require a buyer showing agent or agents? Dodge Team Properties has a full time Buyer Consultant available to handle all buyer leads.

16. Do you provide us with written activity reports of the showings and prospective buyer & REALTOR ® comments?
Dodge Team Properties provides feedback through email, mail & phone calls!

17. Do you have a mission statement? Dodge Team Properties has had one for several years!

18. Will you give us your professional opinion on how to prepare our home for showings? Dodge Team Properties is always honest. We will tell you what you NEED to hear!

19. Do you have a list of references that we may call? Dodge Team Properties has many testimonials available for you to call.

20. Do you have a Moving Service Vendor? We have a national moving service that will assist you with all your moving needs and provide bids for your specific situation.

If you are interviewing other Realtors® ask them these important 20 questions. You should assume the agent is full-time, and is a member in good standing of The National Association of Realtors.