Attempting to Sell By Owner

Fact – Approximately 90% of homes are sold by Realtors® vs. 10% by owner.

Why do Realtors® generate more qualified buyers?

Let’s examine –

Relocating Buyer –
This type of buyer generally wants to work with reputable Realtors®. These buyers usually have a limited amount of time to find a home and searching home ads in the paper or making phone calls would be time consuming. While these buyers are highly qualified to buy, they are moving into an unfamiliar area and generally prefer to utilize experts that can show them as many houses as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. The Relocation buyer is one of the best buyers since they are highly qualified and ready to buy!

Special Needs Buyer –
This home buyer will primarily work with a Realtor® because they have certain requirements or features that they desire (pool, acreage etc…). This buyer has a tendency not to purchase nearly as quickly and may look at newspaper ads to find what they are looking for. If they do not find it quickly they will end up calling a Realtor®, who has search programs, to assist them in finding a home with that special feature.
This is typically the best buyer for a For Sale By Owner.

Discount Buyer –
This buyer is always looking for the best deal and would prefer that a Realtor® not be involved so that they can try to low ball the seller. This buyer rarely pays fair market value and hopes to enter into a legal contract for the sale of the property at a discounted price. With this buyer it is highly recommended that you enlist the services of a professional Realtor® to protect and represent your interests.

Non Qualified Buyer –
This buyer, unfortunately, cannot qualify to purchase a home. Most have already spoken with a Top Realtor® who, more than likely, recommended that they speak with a lender to become pre-qualified; however, they found out that they do not qualify to own a home. This buyer will then call For Sale By Owners hoping to find a seller to enter into a lease purchase contract realizing the seller has no true way to check their qualifications. This buyer will always go after a For Sale By Owner.

When you analyze the four main types of buyers and find that the Discount Buyer and the Unqualified Buyer are the ones who focus on the For Sale By Owners you will understand why only approximately 10% actually sell by owner.

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